How to- Add NetScalar Certificates to Virtual Servers

  1. Login to NetScalar Gateway
  2. Configurations —> Traffic Management —> SSL —> Import PKCS#12
  3. Set “Output File Name” to whatever you want
  4. Browse for the server certificate (.pfx)
  5. Enter the import password (assuming the cert is password protected) and click ok
  6. Go to Configurations —> Traffic Management —> SSL —> Certificates 
  7. Click “Install…” to install the machine certificate
  8. Set “Certificate-Key Pair Name” to whatever you want
  9. Browse the local appliance and find the certificate you previously imported
  10. Copy same path from “Certificate File Name” to “Key File Name”
  11. Enter the “Password” details assuming you have a password defined on the cert.
  12. Click “Create”
  13. Click “Install…” again to install the root certificate 
  14. Set “Certificate-Key Pair Name” to whatever you want
  15. Browse to the local machine and find the root certificate (.cer)
  16. Select “Certificate Format” as “DER” and click “Create”
  17. With the machine certificate selected click the “Action” drop down and select “Link…”
  18. Link the server cert to the root cert
  19. Navigate to Configuration —> NetScalar Gateway —> Virtual Servers
  20. Select the virtual server you want to modify and click “Open…”
  21. Select the machine cert from “Available Certificates” then click “Add>” to move it to the configured column
  22. Click on the root cert from “Available Certificates” and then click the dropdown beside “Add>” and select “as CA”
  23. Click “OK” to submit your changes.
  24. Test

Extract IPs from a file with PowerShell

#  Source file

$input_path = ‘C:\Temp\Input_File.txt’

# Output file

$output_file = ‘C:\Temp\IP_Addresses_Found.txt’

# String to parse

$regex = ‘\b\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\b’

# Select statement to parse the file and export string to file

select-string -Path $input_path -Pattern $regex -AllMatches | % { $_.Matches } | % { $_.Value } > $output_file