Powershell Find & Replace IPs in a PCAP

# Netshark Powershell Module is required for this operation. Install if needed with this line
#Install-Module NetShark

# Import the NetShark module
Import-Module NetShark

# Set the path to the input pcap file
$inputFile = "C:\Path\To\Input\File.pcap"

# Set the path to the output pcap file
$outputFile = "C:\Path\To\Output\File.pcap"

# Set the original IP address to be replaced
$originalIpAddress = ""

# Set the new IP address to replace the original one
$newIpAddress = ""

# Create a filter expression to match packets with the original IP address
$filterExpression = "ip.addr == $originalIpAddress"

# Use NetShark to read the input pcap file and filter packets matching the filter expression
Get-NetSharkCapture -FilePath $inputFile -FilterExpression $filterExpression |
ForEach-Object {
    # Replace the original IP address with the new IP address in each matching packet
    $_.Packet.IP.DstAddr = $newIpAddress
    $_.Packet.IP.SrcAddr = $newIpAddress
} |
# Use NetShark to write the modified packets to the output pcap file
Set-NetSharkCapture -FilePath $outputFile

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